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Recently, I wrote on my other blog how I went to Johnny Rockets, who has my favorite vegan burger and fries, only to find that they had replaced it on the menu wit a gardein black bean burger. I tried it, but was so disappointed! For over a decade, the Streamliner at Johnny Rockets, has been my favorite restaurant veggie burger and fries anywhere. 

I wrote the company, and as it turns out many others around the nation did as well. Here's the response I got back from them: 

Hi Jacqueline, thank you for sharing your honest feedback. Last year we convened a number of veggie bloggers and foodies to test a number of veggie patties. After careful tasting and scoring, the Gardein Black Bean Burger was a clear winner. Unfortunately, that change hasn't been well received. In an effort to make this right, we've put the BOCA Patty back on the menu in corporate restaurants, and later this month we will begin the national rollout of this fan favorite. We hope to see you soon, once this is back on the menu nationally. Thank you.

 I'm thrilled that they are bringing it back! Last week, I stopped into the Daytona Beach location I've been going to for a decade now and sure enough, they had the Streamliner available. It wasn't back on the menu yet, but they had it in stock and ready to order. Thank you to Johnny Rockets for listening to their customers. And if you haven't tried their vegan burger and fries yet, I highly suggest you do. I get it on the regular bun (as opposed to a whole grain bun), and love it. They have a great burger, fun staff, and cool atmosphere!


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