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A few days ago at the store I saw that they were carrying prepared jackfruit by The Jackfruit Company. I snagged one up to make a quick lunch today for my husband and I. The bbq jackfruit is vegan, and very easy to prepare, because you really just need to heat it up and put it on a roll or bun with some lettuce, onion, etc. I had some buns on hand, so I had lunch ready within minutes. I really liked how easy it was to get a lunch together using this product.

The bbq jackfruit has a good taste and consistency and a good amount of fiber per serving. I thought it was pretty good, but I did find it to be a tad too sweet. There are 8 grams of sugar per serving (two teaspoons of sugar). I don't know how much of that comes from the fruit and how much is added sugar, because brown sugar is listed on the ingredients list. To the both of us, however, it was a bit too sweet. I would like to find a jackfruit that doesn't have so much sugar (assuming it's added sugar that is making it a bit too sweet). I don't have a big sweet tooth to begin with, so if you do, then you'll appreciate the sweetness. I do want my kids to try this, because they will probably love the sweetness.

It's a good thing to give a try though, and numerous companies are now coming out with their version of it. I'd like to buy jackfruit again to make for a quick lunch. I'll try the other brand I've seen out there as well, or at least take a look and see if it has the same amount of sugar in it.

One package says that it has 2.5 servings, but I found that it easily could be spread between three buns and each one had enough bbq jackfruit. Give it a try for yourself. It's interesting, tastes pretty good, and is a quick meal that has 7 grams of fiber per serving. It's one more option on store shelves for when you are looking for a quick vegan meal!




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