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Omaha Steaks Veggie Burger Review


During the Christmas season, I got an Omaha Steaks gift card in the mail from one of my business clients. It was a post card that offered several gift options that I could choose from. Right off I figured there was nothing I would want. I mean, come on, it's Omaha Steaks, after all! But as I set the card down on my desk, I noticed vegetarian burgers as one of the options. I read the card, and sure enough, they offer vegan veggie burgers. What the heck, I figured I would order them and give it a try. After all, it cost me nothing since it was a gift. I sent in the card and before I knew it, the veggie burgers had arrived frozen at my door.

Tonight, I made the Omaha Steaks veggie burgers for dinner. I was quite surprised in finding that they were pretty darn good! In fact, they taste just like Sunshine Burgers to us. They are cut thicker, but the appearance and taste was very similar. I heated them up on the stove and topped them with the usual items, such as onion, lettuce, etc. Everyone liked the veggie burgers, which was great. With the free gift we got 8 burgers, so we will get two meals for our family out of it.

The Omaha Steak veggie burgers are made with organic ingredients, including sunflower seeds, and they are healthy and vegan.  I'm actually  happy that the company offers a veggie burger option. I hope more people offer it, so that they keep offering them. 



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