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Vegan Homemade Capriotti's Bobbie Sandwich


When we lived in Las Vegas, we used to love how the Capriotti's Sandwich Shops offer vegetarian options. They have vegetarian deli slices, as well as a veggie burger. One of their sandwiches on the menu that is not vegetarian is something that we have veganized on our own. It's easy to do and it is a delicious sandwich! 

The vegan Bobbie, as it is called, is made with a sub bun. Then we top it with a little vegan mayo, Tofurky slices, stuffing, and cranberries. That's it! Super easy to make and it is good. A unique sandwich that is vegan and yummy! 

Give it a try if you are looking for a great vegan sandwich, or if you are like us - Capriotti fans who no longer live near one of their sandwich shops!



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