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Sugar Apple Organic Cafe & Market in Key West - a Review (vegan dining)


Last night, we got back from five nights of camping in the Florida Keys. We had a fabulous time! We spent one of the days exploring Key West, which is where we found Sugar Apple Organic Cafe & Market.

After touring the Hemingway House (which we enjoyed), I did a quick google search for vegetarian food. We were hungry and figured we'd start finding some lunch. Low and behold, Sugar Apple Organic Cafe & Market came up, and it was only a five minute walk from the Hemingway House. The menu on their website looked promising, so we walked over there to grab some lunch.

We were pleasantly surprised! This is an all vegan cafe in Key West. The entire menu and kitchen is vegan. So many great things to choose from, including sandwiches, smoothies, salads, etc. They even have veggie dogs on the menu. My son ordered a strawberry-banana shake, my daughter ordered the vegan salami sandwich, and my husband and I ordered two different dishes. We like to do that, so that then we can switch half and half, and we get to try two different things. I ordered the "peaceful tempeh," which is a sandwich with avocado, cranberry sauce, soy mayo, mixed greens, etc. It's served on a toasted multi-grain bread with a salad. I chose tahini for the salad dressing. My husband ordered the vegetarian Italian sub, which has veggie salami, greens, pickles, etc. 

The food was so darn good! The bread they use is delicious, and the sandwiches were just great. Loved everything about them! They were bursting with flavor. The salad was absolutely delicious, too. Very fresh, healthy, and tasty! We were in awe that we had found this little vegan cafe and it was only minutes from where we were touring. 

The cafe itself is part of a health food store. There are some stools, but no real dining room. It's primarily take-out. There was one small table outside on the porch. We ate inside at the counter with the stools, which worked out just fine. After we ate, we went into the store and browsed and bought some vegan chocolate to snack on later.

Two thumbs way up for this vegan cafe in Key West. If you are looking for vegetarian or vegan food in Key West, be sure to stop by here. Not only does the market have a wide variety of vegan options, but you can get delicious food at the cafe. We loved this place. The customer service was great, too. The ladies working in the cafe were very friendly. 

Here are some pictures of the Sugar Apple Organic Cafe in Key West (vegetarian and vegan cafe):










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