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I love Italian food! There's something comforting about it, as well as tasty. But beyond making something like spaghetti and lasagne, I don't have many other Italian foods that I make. That's why I was happy to get this new vegan cookbook, called "The Italian Chef" with recipes by Chef Mattia Rigamonti. This book is chock-full of vegan Italian recipes that I want to try!

Some of the recipes on the top of my list to make include:

  • eggplant boats
  • Italian panzerotti
  • soy ragu tagliatelle
  • eggplants filled with spaghetti (I'm an eggplant fan!)
  • leek vegan omelette
  • vegan mozzarella (yes, a recipe for vegan mozzarella!)
  • breadsticks
  • vegan coconut and chocolate bars
  • vegan tiramisu

And that's just a sampling! Flipping through the book and looking at all of the delicious looking food in the pictures, I immediately want to try these recipes,with others on the list for later. If you are looking for some authentic vegan Italian recipes you should check this book out. You can find it on Delicious!


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