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I recently watched the movie "Cowspiracy," which I loved. Throughout that movie, Dr. Richard Oppenlaner was interviewed. It were then that I saw he was the author of a book called "Comfortably Unaware: what we choose to eat is killing us and our planet." Once the movie was over, I set out on a mission to order the book. I was interested and wanted to read his book.

Much of the information in this book I already knew, simply because of the books and movies I've watched prior to reading this and there was information that repeated throughout the book. However,  it's excellent information that everyone who eats should take the time to read. We eat three times per day. Each meal is a chance to make a decision that is harmful to the planet or sustainable. Only armed with the knowledge between the two will people be more apt to choose the one that is better for our planet. The book is filled with eye-opening information about animal agriculture, how it's damaging the environment, and how a plant based diet is the best choice to help protect the environment (and animals). 

Two thumbs up for the in-depth info and message in this book. It has a lot of useful information that is important to protecting our environment through our daily food choices. 

- Jacqueline




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