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Cowspiracy Movie Review


I just finished watching the movie "Cowspiracy." The movie delves into the environmental impact of the meat industry, and especially the cattle industry. This is not the first movie on the topic I have seen. Another one that is good is A River of Waste. 

I really liked this movie! They have some great people in there speaking on the issue and I liked the way the creator of the movie went about investigating the topic. It was absolutely crazy that environmental organizations were so complacent to the destruction that the meat industry causes. They are doing a disservice to the people and the issues they are fighting for when they are not more honest about the leading cause of environmental degradation, which is the meat industry. This information has been known for years, so for them to act like they don't know about it and to not make it a top priority is ridiculous.

Kudos to the creator of this movie who shed light on this very important topic. We need more of this and need it to be seen by as many people as possible.

I loved Howard Lyman in this movie. He has always been a favorite of mine. I love his straight forward kind of talk. Next month will be 21 years since I had given up eating animals. Well, in our first year of vegetarianism, my husband and I had attended the Toronto Vegetarian Food Festival, which was wonderful. We were part of a small group that heard Howard speak at that event. An experience I will never forget. I also enjoyed seeing Will Tuttle in the movie, who is great. I had arranged him as a guest speaker at one of our local events a few years back.

This is a movie that everyone should see, whether they eat meat, are vegetarian or are vegan. It's powerful and will make you think. Two thumbs up!




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