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Vega Plant-Based vegan protein powder review #Vegan #veganprotein


For years, my husband has made smoothies on some mornings and I've always thought they taste good. However, an hour later I was always hungry. I knew I should find a protein powder to put in them, but never got around to it. Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago when I finished reading the book "The Urban Monk," (great book, by the way) where the author talks a lot about getting a lot of protein for breakfast. It motivated me to finally get a protein powder and get serious about having it for breakfast.

I wanted a vegan protein powder, and I found Vega right at my local Target. They have chocolate, vanilla, berry, and a coconut one. It's all vegan and loaded with protein, so I wanted to give it a shot. Well, it's been two weeks now that I've had it Monday-Friday for breakfast. I have a smoothie made with almond or soy milk (whichever I have on hand), the Vega protein powder, some chia seeds, and a banana). I blend it all up quickly in my Nutribullet and enjoy. I like it! I feel good drinking this every morning and it holds me over to lunch with no problem. I have been drinking both the chocolate and the vanilla, but I look forward to trying the coconut one, too. I know that I'm getting around 20 grams of protein with each breakfast, too.

I tried to make a scaled back version for breakfast for my kids (using less powder). My daughter liked it, but my son didn't like the taste of the powder. My husband and I are both enjoying having this for breakfast every day during the week, and then having something else on the weekends, such as a tofu scramble, vegan biscuits and gravy, etc. I love that it's healthy, keeps us full, gives us a good boost of nutrients, and it's easy. Our breakfast is simple and ready within minutes. We don't have to think about what to have each day. We are going to continue to use the Vega protein powder for our breakfast smoothies. I also got my sister to buy her first package to give it a try, too. 

Two thumbs up for Vegan plant-based vegan protein powder!


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