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This week while traveling from the Flint airport north to Higgins Lake we needed some lunch. I did a google search to see what vegetarian restaurants were near me. Google brought up Heather's Restaurant, which is located in Bay City.  While I couldn't find an online menu, I read over some of the reviews and it seemed as though they did have vegetarian and vegan food options, they were only a few miles off of the freeway, so we decided to check it out!

Heather's Restaurant is a few miles off of I-75, in downtown Bay City. The restaurant is not all vegetarian, but they have many vegetarian and vegan menu items, and they have a sign up that they are happy to accommodate vegans. I was excited when I saw they had a vegan seitan potpie on the menu. I ordered that, while my husband ordered a vegan seitan and slaw wrap, my son ordered the Buffalo seitan special, and my daughter ordered the grilled peanut butter and banana sandwich. We tried to warn my son that the Buffalo seitan would be spicy, but he really wanted to try it. We could order a side dish with our meal, so I opted for the baked butternut squash and my husband got hasbrowns.

I loved the potpie! It was delicious. The seitan and slaw wrap was also good, although the seitan was too hard and dry in it. That should have been softer. My son did feel the Buffalo seitan was too spicy, and he only ate a little bit and traded my husband it for the hashbrowns. 

If you are near the Bay City, Michigan area and are looking for vegetarian or vegan food options off of I-75, I highly recommend checking out Heather's Restaurant. They offer breakfast and lunch items, including tofu scrambles, sandwiches, wraps, and specials. Two thumbs up!

Here are pictures from Heather's Restaurant in Bay City:







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