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Grilling Vegan Skewers - Delicious! Great for camping and more! #gardein

Recently when we were camping I decided to make some vegan skewers for dinner. I put it all together in the travel trailer and it didn't take long. I bought Gardein beelfess tips, orange pepper, green pepper, onion, and cherry tomatoes. The beefless tips need to be thawed so they can go on the skewers. Either give them a little time to sit out and thaw or do what I did, which is put them in the microwave. Wash all of the veggies and cut them into small squares that will fit nicely on the skewers. Then, I put them all in a nice pattern that looked great!

Here's what they looked like when done assembling them, which I did about two hours before we cooked them (I set the plate in the refrigerator until we were ready to cook them):


Then, we put them on the grill and I basted each side with BBQ sauce. I watered the BBQ sauce down slightly to make it spread easier on the skewers, and I basted them 3 times during the roughly 10 minutes that they took to cook on the grill:


I served them up with some couscous (which just took minutes and some hot water to make), and some fresh nectarine slices. What a delicious meal! We loved it. The vegan skewers were so flavorful and every piece had a great distinctive taste. Delicious and we can't wait to make them again! I made 9 skewers total. The kids loved them, too! Two thumbs up for these simple vegan skewers made with Gardein beefless tips! Great camping food or for backyard BBQ's.

Here's the finished product:



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