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When I saw that Ben & Jerry's had come out with a non-dairy ice cream (frozen dessert) I just shrug it off as yet another option hitting the shelves. Since becoming a vegetarian (primarily vegan) over 20 years ago I have seen such a boom take place in the vegan food product market! It amazing to me how many options there are now compared to a couple of decades ago. I'm kind of getting used to all of these options coming out and I no longer rush to try each one, because there's just so many to keep up with.

One day at the Target check-out line I was given a coupon for $1.00 off of this Ben & Jerry's vegan ice cream. That enticed me to give it a try! Yum! It is so darn good. I immediately loved it and wanted more the next time we went into Target. The kids loved it, too, as did the hubby. It has a delicious taste and I love the chunks of fudge, banana and walnuts that are in it. Perfect! 

Two thumbs way up on this product. I wish it were cheaper to buy, but then I'd probably eat too much of it. However, we will be buying it again. It's great!


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