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My two cents on the uproar over the killing of Cecil the Lion


This week people are in an uproar over Cecil the lion being killed by a hunter. The man was a dentist that went to Zimbabwe to hunt the animal. Now many Americans are having a fit that this happened. While it's sad that the lion was hunted, why are people in such an uproar over this one lion? It makes no sense to me.

People are bashing this dentist for killing this animal. Meanwhile, most of those same people will contribute to the killing over over 10 billion land animals per year, and many other aquatic animals in addition to that. Dentists, and others who are condemning the dentist, hunt on a regular basis, killing a wide variety of other animals. 

If the killing of Cecil the lion is wrong, then why is it not wrong to kill other animals? And if this is about just hunting animals, then why are the same people not condemning the hunting of alligators, deer, antelope, bear, and all of the other animals that are hunted each year? Why are these same people not in an uproar over the elephant population being decimated for ivory? 

I agree that it is wrong to kill the lion, but my compassion for animals doesn't stop there. I don't munch down on a chicken wings, ribs, or a hamburger while I condemn someone hunting the lion. That to me is an action of someone who has not made the "connection" at all. If you feel the killing of Cecil the lion was wrong, then you should be asking yourself why you don't feel that way with the killing of other animals, too.

All animals are created equal and there's not one that deserves protection or more compassion than the next. They all deserve the compassion that is being bestowed upon Cecil. And those protesting the dentist should make sure they are not contributing to the mass slaughter of 10 billion land animals per year in America, which is far worse than killing the one lion.



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