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Away from the World Cafe in Cedar Key - Vegetarian food options in Cedar Key


While stopping in Cedar Key for a few hours to look around, I was searching online for vegetarian and vegan food options. Not much came up. However, the Away from this World Cafe did come up. They did not have a menu online, but I thought I'd take a gamble and stop in. They are located in Cedar Key, right in the main touristy area along the water. The restaurant is upstairs and overlooks the water.

We had the veggie burger, which is a black bean burger, with one of us ordering onion rings and one of us ordering fries. I talked to one of the owners, who is also a vegetarian, and she said the black bean burger is vegetarian, not vegan. But it's a homemade patty that is very good! I would say that it was the best black bean burger I have ever had. Most people make them very spicy, and this one was not overly spicy, which I loved. The fries were awesome! They were very unique and crispy. Very good! They also had good unsweet iced tea there, which is important to me when dining out.

I really liked the atmosphere at this little cafe. It was nice inside they had peace signs (which I loved), and they even had plenty of dining available on the deck overlooking the water. The owner who waited on us was very nice and we give it two thumbs up. If you are looking for vegetarian or vegan food options in Cedar Key you can find some at the Away from this World Cafe. They do offer organic salads in addition to the vegetarian black bean burger. They also offer a grilled cheese sandwich. 











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