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If you are looking for some good falafel in the Daytona Beach area stop by Oliv Epicurean Grill, located in Holly Hill at 701 Ridgewood Ave. There are talks that they may open one in Port Orange, and I have my fingers crossed. It would be great to have one of these right down the road! It's a fast-casual Mediterranean restaurant, where you place your order like at Chipotle.

We stopped into Oliv Epicurean Grill today for lunch. My husband ordered the falafel wrap, my kids got a side of falafel to share, as well as some rice (my son loves rice!). I ordered a side of falafel, as well as baba gonoush (that comes with a pita), and an unsweet iced tea. My husband really liked the falafel wrap. He said it was good. My kids really liked what they ordered as well. The side of falafel comes with four pieces (very filling!) and it has tahini sauce on it. I loved the falafel! The baba ganoush came in a dish that provided me with enough for everyone to dig in and have some. And it was good! I dipped my pita into the baba ganoush and ate my falafel enjoying every bite. Their iced tea was also good. Score!

As a vegetarian there are options of having falafel on the side, or in a wrap, salad, or bowl. There is also hummus/pita, baba ganoush/pita, and more Some good options to choose from! You can see their website here and check out their full menu.

Their food was good, the place was nice, and we all liked it. Two thumbs ups for Oliv Epicurean Grill!

I got confirmation from the owner on what is vegan and vegetarian at the restaurant. These items on their menu are vegan: falafel, baba ganoush, pita, wrap, tabouli, hummus, lentil soup, lemon lentil swiss chard soup, fattoush salad. The acai bowl has honey, so it is vegetarian. 

You can read a news article about the restaurant here.
Here are pictures from our stop at the Oliv Epicurean Grill today:








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