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Thunder Cloud Subs vegetarian and vegan options - Austin

While traveling recently we had a 3.5 hour layover in the Austin airport. It was lunch time, so we strolled around to take a look at our options and decide what to have. We'd never heard of Thunder Cloud Subs, but their menu looked promising. When we stopped at Thunder Cloud Subs to check out the menu I noticed they had what looked like a vegan sandwich that had hummus and veggies, as well as a meat free "chicken" sandwich.

My husband and I both ordered the Nada Chicken (which is the name of the vegetarian "chicken" sub). It's a sandwich that comes with a veggie "chicken" meatless patty and veggies. It does come with cheese, so you may want to skip that option. The sandwich was really good. We both liked it!

When I got home from the trip I wrote Thunder Cloud Subs to inquire as to whether or not the meatless patty was vegan or vegetarian. They did respond promptly to let me know their bread is all vegan, but the Nada Chicken patty is vegetarian, not vegan (it has whey in it). If you want to get a vegan option there, opt for the Nada Chicken Salad, or the Veggie Delite with hummus. I'm glad to see so many places offering options like this, especially at the airport so that people who have long layovers can find a good vegetarian or vegan lunch!

You can visit the Thunder Cloud Subs website here. Here are pictures from our lunch:

Las Vegas Vacation 1196

Las Vegas Vacation 1194

Las Vegas Vacation 1197


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