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We recently took a trip to the Grand Canyon. Prior to going I had researched online, trying to find vegetarian and/or vegan food options near the Grand Canyon. Not much came up in my search, unfortunately. I was afraid we wouldn't find much vegetarian or vegan food at the Grand Canyon. However, I was happy to see Sophie's Mexican Kitchen when we pulled into Tusayan, Arizona, near the Grand Canyon.

Although the information about Sophie's Mexican Kitchen having lots of vegetarian food didn't come up online, I saw a sign outside that put a smile on my face! They announced they had lots of vegetarian food. Yay! So after our visit at the Grand Canyon we stopped at Sophie's Mexican Kitchen for a late lunch. 

Below you will find a picture of the vegetarian section of their menu. I had the Indian Vegetarian Taco. I'm a huge fan of Indian fry bread and enjoyed theirs, too! We also has some chips and salad, which were good. The place is cute and the staff was friendly. They have plenty of vegetarian and vegan options to choose from. So if you are looking for vegetarian of vegan food at the Grand Canyon, stop by Sophie's Mexican Kitchen. I'm putting this online in hopes that others who are researching the options online will find this instead of just crossing their fingers that they find something when they arrive, as we did!


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