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My family just got back from a week-long vacation in Las Vegas. We had lived there for a decade before, but moved to Florida over 8 years go. When we lived there the vegan restaurant options were here and there, but few and far between. But we found several new options this time around (and some of our old favorites), to put together a great list of places to eat vegan in Las Vegas. 

You can get vegan food at all Wynne properties, but we didn't go to them. We spent very little time on the Strip (you can read about what we did on my other blog here). You can also find many chains that carry vegan food that you may already be familiar with, such as PF Chang's. But there are plenty of vegan dining options in Las Vegas beyond that. There were even some places that had vegan food we didn't make it to, such as Pink's hot dogs, and Vegan Bites (a vegan bakery). The hours and timing just didn't work out for us. Also, there is a new vegan restaurant opening downtown in the Container Park area, but it hasn't yet opened by the time were there (but looks close to opening), called Vegenation.

Here are some places that we went to for vegan dining and that I recommend:

Violette's Vegan Organic Eatery & Juice Bar
Located in the Summerlin area, this is a new restaurant that is great. It had only been opened for one month by the time we stopped in. The decor inside is beautiful and they have a great menu to choose from. They even have a kids menu. My husband and I ordered the philly sandwich and the reuben classic, and swapped halves, so we could try both. They were both delicious! I also really liked the potato salad it was served with. The kids have a special kid's menu (yay!) that offers a variety of healthy vegan meals. They ordered the grilled cheese sandwich(which came with salad and fries), and the pasta with marinara sauce (which came with garlic bread, vegan meatballs, and salad).  It was enough food for an adult! Neither one could finish it, so my husband I both ate their salads. The kids meals were also reasonably priced. Two thumbs up for Violette's Vegan restaurant. Owned by professional poker player, she has a great thing going on and I see long future of success. Great location and atmosphere and the food is great! Here are our pictures from what we ate at Violette's Vegan in Las Vegas:



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Paymon's Mediterranean Cafe
Located near UNLV (my alma mater) and not far from the Strip, this place is a gem. When we lived there it was my favorite restaurant in the valley, so I couldn't wait to go back on our vacation. The food was still fabulous! Their menu lets you know right on it if the dish is vegetarian or vegan. Their falafel and pitas, among other dishes, are vegan. They have numerous vegan and vegetarian options to choose from. They have the absolute best falafel and hummus and pita anywhere, and it's all vegan! My husband got his in traditional wrap form, I liked to get my falafel in pieces that I can dip into the tahini, and my pitas that I can dip into the hummus. I cannot say enough good things about this place that still continues to be the best Mediterranean food in my book! It's a must to stop by this place if you are visiting Las Vegas. Here are pictures from Paymon's Mediterranean Cafe in Las Vegas:

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Cornish Pasty Co
Located in the east side of Las Vegas in a shopping complex, this little place is awesome. The menu said they offered at least two vegan pasty's per day, plus they have vegetarian ones. When we went there they had four vegan options and 13 vegetarian ones! If you are not familiar with what a pasty is, think of it as a hand-held potpie of sorts. I'm a Michigan native, so we are familiar with potpies, but I know not everyone is. My husband ordered the vegan Greek pasty and I ordered the vegan spinach artichoke one. They were absolutely delicious! The kids liked them as well. I would have loved to have been able to go back and try the others. They crust was delicious, as was the filling. Two thumbs up for the Cornish Pasty Co!

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Nacho Daddy
This Mexican restaurant has several locations around the Las Vegas valley, including one downtown near Fremont Street. We stopped in the one over in the Summerlin area. The restaurant is nice, even offering a basketball game in there that my husband and son had fun playing. They have a bar, TV's and it reminds me of a family friendly sports bar. They have a whole vegan section on their menu. We wanted to try both of the nachos (the vegan nacho and the vegan nachos that had tofu), so we ordered them both and we all shared the dishes. The nachos were pretty good. I liked the ones with tofu better. They were a little on the pricey side for some nachos, but it's nice to be able to stop in and get some vegan ones. Here are pictures from our stop in at Nacho Daddy in Las Vegas:





Capriotti's Sandwich Shop
They have several locations around the Las Vegas valley. They offer vegetarian deli slices that you can get, including their veggie turkey, which is pretty tasty! Their options are vegetarian, but  not vegan. And for the record, their stuffing (in case you were thinking of getting their famous Bobbie with the veggie turkey, is not vegetarian. They have chicken stock in their stuffing). But you can get several vegetarian options here. Here's the veggie turkey sub we had at Capriotti's, which the kids really liked, too:

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Veggie House
This is a vegetarian / vegan Asian food restaurant, located in the Chinatown part of Las Vegas, which is just a short ride from the Strip. The restaurant is located upstairs in a center filled with many Chinese businesses. It's a nice restaurant, the staff are friendly, and they have a wonderful menu to chose from. There were so many options! We decided upon getting the spring rolls, house soup, orange veggie chicken, and vegan pork. It was all so delicious! The kids loved it all as well. Nothing was left over, as everyone gobbled up all the tasty food before us. Their orange chicken was perfect and their vegan pork dish had a nice crispy edge on it. Delicious food! Here are pictures from our stop at the Veggie House vegetarian / vegan restaurant in Las Vegas:







Ronald's Doughnuts
Located on the west side of the valley, this place has a wide variety of vegan doughnuts. The business has been around for over 20 years now. The top two shelves in the place are all vegan doughnut options, which on the day we stopped in mean that 75 percent of their selection was vegan. They had 24 trays of doughnuts and 18 of them were all vegan... Awesome! And they do not overprice the doughnuts just because they are vegan (Yay!). They were $1 for regular ones and $1.60 for fancy ones. Their vegan doughnut holes (my daughter's favorite) were just $.10 each. We ordered some of those, as well as some Boston cream, a maple bar, and a raspberry jelly filled. They were so good! Wow, I'm so glad that places like this are around. They offer a great product to the community and do not even have a website. Their longevity as a business has been based on pure word-of-mouth, so you know it's worth the stop in! Here are pictures of our vegan doughnuts at Ronald's Doughnuts in Las Vegas:



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Fresh & Easy
There are stores like Whole Foods Market and Trader Joe's around the Las Vegas valley, but we made good use of Fresh & Easy, which has stores throughout the valley as well. It's a chain store that is similar to a Whole Foods, but they are a bit smaller and more affordable. We made sure we rented a hotel room that offered a refrigerator, so we stopped into Fresh & Easy (which was near our hotel) and bought things like bottled vegan fruit smoothies, fresh fruit, and muffins, that we could put in our hotel room and eat for breakfasts. We also picked up some snacks and drinks there. They have lots of vegan products, including a little cafe, and a microwave where you can heat up food you purchase. The staff was really friendly at the one we went to, too. Plus, we are recyclers, even on the road when we travel. In our hotel room we saved up all of our recycleables and at the end we dropped them off to Fresh & Easy. Right inside the door they have a recycle station, where we were able to drop it all off. The guy working there said he would take the bag and sort it for us, but we went ahead and got it all sorted. Two thumbs up for the Fresh & Easy Market chain!

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