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Kind Walking - vegan shoe store in St. Augustine, Florida

If you will be in St. Augustine, Florida, be sure to stop into the Kind Walking store. The entire shoe store is all vegan!

I recently stopped in on my visit to the area and talked to the person working, checked it out, and took some pictures. I couldn't really buy shoes, as I was on a school field trip and took just a couple of minutes to stop into the store. All the shoes in the store are vegan, and they have a wide variety to choose from.

The Kind Walking store is located in the touristy area of shops and restaurants, at 2 Saint George Street, #109. When you are walking on St. George Street it is back off one of the sides where there are stores. It's a nice small store with a great animal and planet friendly mission. 

Here are pictures from my stop in at Kind Walking, an all vegan shoe store in St. Augustine: 

Staugustine.kayaking 045

Staugustine.kayaking 046

Staugustine.kayaking 036

Staugustine.kayaking 037

Staugustine.kayaking 038

Staugustine.kayaking 039

Staugustine.kayaking 040

Staugustine.kayaking 041

Staugustine.kayaking 042

Staugustine.kayaking 043

Staugustine.kayaking 044


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