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Tonight for dinner I made the "Cheesy" Broccoli and Rice Casserole recipe from "The Everything Vegan Cookbook." The recipe was easy to follow. It called for 3.5 cups of cooked rice, but I used only two cups. I can't imagine having used 3.5 cups, because the amount of sauce there was turned out to be just right with using only two cups. Using almost double that would have probably made for a dry dish.

I liked the casserole and so did my daughter. My son didn't like it at all (and he's a big rice fan). He thought it was bland. My husband just thought it was "okay." They didn't seem to be real impressed with the "cheesy" aspect of it.

On another note, I didn't take pictures, but I did make another recipe from this book a couple of days ago. I made the "Stove Top Cheater's Mac n' Cheese." We all thought that recipe was pretty good. Not great, but we did eat it all and thought it was pretty good.

Here are some pictures from the rice and broccoli casserole:




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