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Reggae Shack Cafe - Vegan Steak - Review - Gaineseville

Last year we were supposed to go hiking over near Gainesville. So I did an online search to see what vegan food restaurant options I'd be able to find. I came across the Reggae Shack Cafe, which is located right near the University of Florida campus. We didn't end up making it over there last year as planned. But this year when we went over there they will still at the top of my list to try out!

The Reggai Shack Cafe is located on University Avenue, just minutes from all the college campus and football field (which was perfect, because I was dropping dad and son off at the football game, while my daughter and I went to the natural history museum). It's a nice little cafe that is clean and offers a good atmosphere. They offer numerous vegetarian and vegan options on their menu, so that was a great start. They do not have fresh brewed iced tea, which is a no-no for me (how do you not have that?!). But I ordered water and moved on... 

My husand and I both ordered the vegan steak entree. My son jumped for the rice and peas (beans), as he is a big rice lover. My daughter wanted the smiley fries and the veggie patty. They were out of the veggie patty, so she ended up getting the smiley fries and some bread (kind of like rolls). There wasn't much else on the menu for her, as she doesn't care for rice. The both also treated themselves to a Jamaican cream soda.

The vegan steak was great! It is a seitan cutlet that is cooked in a sweet jerk-style sauce. Delicious! It was served with cabbage (delicious again!), rice, and fried plantains (yum!). The whole meal was great. My kids both liked what they ordered, too. 

We really liked the vegan steak at the Reggae Shack Cafe and were already talking about what we want to try on our next visit. I want the brown stew tofu, while my husband is planning on giving their spiciest vegetarian dish a shot. I really hope they have the veggie patty available next time so my daughter can try that. Looking forward to going again. Two thumbs up!

Here are some pictures from our stop in at the Reggae Shack Cafe yesterday, located at 619 W. University Ave. in Gainesville. You can visit their site here.

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