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My latest vegan cookbook - Vegan Tacos by Jason Wyrick


I have another vegan cookbook to add to my lovely collection! The latest one that I have received in the mail is "Vegan Tacos," by Jason Wyrick. My husband was especially excited about this cookbook. Not because he cooks, because he doesn't... but because Mexican Food is is favorite!

When I think of tacos I tend to think of them as just being one way. The traditional kind that I grew up with and just veganized as an adult. But this book opens your world up to the idea of all that can go in a taco! I was so surprised to flip through this book and see all the possibilities (which look delicious, by the way). I'm really looking forward to trying out some of the recipes in this in this book.

Here are some of the vegan recipes that sound wonderful to me:

  • Tacos with hot dogs in Tomato Salsa (I know, right? Looks and sounds tasty!)
  • Mushroom Tacaos
  • Enchilado-Style Tacos
  • Ten-Minute Seitan Carnitas
  • Chiles Rellanos Tacos
  • Pineapple and Banana Dessert Tacos
  • Jerk Tempeh Tacos

That's just some of the great sounding recipes. I never realized there was this whole world of vegan tacos out there, just waiting to be explored. I'm looking forward to trying some out (and blogging about it as I do).

Jason Wyrick is great, too. I have been reading his "The Vegan Culinary Experience" magazine for a while now. Oh, and this book has a "How to Host a Taco Party" section. I love that! It makes me want to host a taco party!



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