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Schools pushing cow milk, making soy milk a medical necessity


My kids went back to school yesterday to start the new school year. In the pile of papers that came home on that first day was a school menu. I happened to notice in the corner that they are offering soy milk. But, as you can see in the picture, it says "White soy milk is available for students w/a medically documented allergy or intolerance."

Seriously? You have to "medically documented" in order to opt for soy milk? I find this disturbing on multiple levels, starting with the fact that the National Institutes of Health reports that around 65 percent of the human population has difficulty digesting cow milk. Furthermore, you should be able to opt for soy milk in the grounds of avoiding animal cruelty, pus, or simply because you like soy better.

This is something that I hope our society moves more toward changing. You should never have to have a medical condition in order to opt out of drinking cow milk, and being able to get soy milk. While I see how absurd this is now, I really hope that one day we will all look back at this and all see just how ridiculous this really is. 



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