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The last time that I went to Cocoa Beach for a staycation (a year ago), I wanted to stop at the Green Room Cafe. But it was a Sunday and they were closed. On this trip they were open and we stopped in for lunch.

The Green Room Cafe is a small restaurant located in Cocoa Beach that is mostly vegetarian. It's not completely vegetarian, but most of the dishes are vegetarian or vegan. The restaurant is small, cute, and nicely decorated. I liked it!

My husband and I ordered two different dishes so that we could switch it up and eat half of each one. I ordered The Pure Life wrap, which is a wrap with hummus and veggies, served with blue corn chips and salsa. My husband ordered The Ruebio, which is a tofu rueban. Some of these dishes are served with cheese, but you can always switch that or leave it off, as they are very vegan friendly.

Both dishes were good! The wrap tasted very healthy, and I loved the tofu rueban. I am a rueban lover, so it was great to get that sandwich. Yum! As a nice side note, the kids meals are served with animal crackers, and the waitress asked if it was okay that the kids be served animal crackers (because they are shaped like animals). Very thoughtful of her. I don't personally have a problem with the animal crackers, but it's nice that she asked for those that do. 

I give the Green Room Cafe two thumbs up. It's a nice little restaurant that has a good menu for those looking for a vegetarian or vegan meal in Cocoa Beach. We will go back there for sure on our next trip down there! The waitress said the place has been open for about five years now. Wish I had known about it years ago when we first started driving down there (it's about an hour from where we live).

You can visit the Green Room Cafe website here.

Here are pictures from our stop at the Green Room Cafe in Cocoa Beach:

Cocoa-beach 308

Cocoa-beach 309

Cocoa-beach 310

Cocoa-beach 311

Cocoa-beach 312

Cocoa-beach 313

Cocoa-beach 314

Cocoa-beach 316

Cocoa-beach 317

Cocoa-beach 318


Cocoa-beach 322

Cocoa-beach 323

Cocoa-beach 324



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