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I'm always on the lookout for place that have vegetarian options. I recently saw that a new place was touting that they were vegetarian friendly. Today I finally stopped in for lunch at the Black Bean Cafe, located at 3218 South Atlantic Ave in Daytona Beach Shores. I'm glad I did!

Their menu has a "vegetarian" section, but it only lists two options. They really have more than that available. The vegetarian options on their menu include chips/salsa, machos, quesadilla, meatless meatballs on Cuban bread, grilled quinoa chickpeas wrap, taco salad bowl, and a create your own burrito. My husband and I ordered the meatless meatballs on Cuban bread and the grilled quinoa chickpeas wrap, and split each so that we could try both dishes.

We opted to have one served with the French fries and the other with the sweet potato fries/chips. Both dishes were good! I really liked the quinoa wrap and sweet potato chips. I will certainly be going back again. The entrees were also served with a delicious plantain.

This restaurant is small, clean, nicely decorated, has nice staff, and the food is good. It also has a nice location right near the beach approach that we always go to. I also liked their organic fresh brewed iced tea (this is important to me as a diner).

The kids menu, unfortunately, did not have anything vegetarian. But the kids were excited to split an order of the meatless meatballs on Cuban bread. They ended up loving it! 

We chatted with the waitress and found out that the restaurant has been open over five months now (what took me so long to finally stop in?!), and that the owner has been a vegetarian his whole life. Even though they have meat dishes on the menu, she said that someone else spices those dishes up, since he's a vegetarian. Yay!

Here are some pictures of Black Bean Cafe in Daytona Beach Shores, along with the Black Bean Cafe menu. They are currently open for breakfast and lunch, but the waitress said they may expand their hours to include dinner. Two thumbs up for Black Bean Cafe! 







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