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Many people donate money every year in order to help with animal causes. They believe they are helping animals by giving to these organizations. Before giving your money to any organizations be sure to investigate to see what they are really doing with your money. Sometimes the organization may appear to be doing good things, while they are actually using the money to do what you are against.

Case in point - The Humane Society of the United States. Many people associate that organizations name with a group that helps animals. But it is important to understand they are not an animal rights organization. They are an animal welfare organization. This means they don't mind if animals are used, but they just want you to be nicer about doing it! 

Recently they were the sponsors of a meat-based festival in Denver, called "Hoofin It." The festival served up a different animal each day, including bison, sheep, cows, and pigs. If you are donating your money to the HSUS is this what you had in mind in the way of animal protection?

Always research the organization you are considering donating to. Often times you are better off donating to local small grassroots organizations. They spread the word about animal rights on a local level, reaching many people. Or donate to local animal rescue groups or sanctuaries, where you see the money is put to good use helping animals. 

The bottom line is that just because you have heard of an organizations name doesn't mean they are doing a good job helping to protect animals. It means they are good at marketing.



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