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Fundraisers that help animals, while serving up animals

The Save the Animals Store (a thrift store in Port Orange, Florida) has the ad below in the paper right now. They are having a BBQ, serving up hot dogs. They are the Save the Animals store... and they are serving up animals! You can't serve up animals and save animals. 

Please take a moment to give them a call or write them to let them know that they should be serving up veggie dogs, so they stay true to their mission. Otherwise they are saving one animal (likely cats/dogs) at the expense of another (cows/pigs). Or perhaps they may want to consider changing their name to the "Save the Pets Store."

This is the second time they have done this in a month. They recently held a dinner there and served meat, now they are serving hot dogs at this BBQ. Let's nicely remind them of their mission of SAVING the animals and how SERVING them up is contradictory to that mission. Thank you!

You can reach them here: 
Email them here: savetheanimalsstore@aol.com




Update: On 7/3/14 a new ad came out in the paper (seen below). 


I wrote recently about how the Save the Animals Store was serving up animals and how it was a contraction to their mission. They received enough feedback about this that they are now serving up VEGGIE dogs! Take a look at the ad in today's paper! Yay! This is a victory for the animals!

Thank you to everyone who took the time to contact them about this issue. Your efforts really did help save the animals!

If anyone attends during the time of the free dogs please inquire if they are all veggie dogs or they are serving up both (and now just putting veggie dogs in their ad). Let me know! 

Here's their info again. Please take a moment to let them know you appreciate that they have made the change and hope it is a trend they will continue in the future:

You can reach them here: 
Email them here: savetheanimalsstore@aol.com




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Like most people, they do not make the connection


Indeed you are right! I hope by people writing them they will begin to make the connection. They must see dogs and cats as animals, but cows and pigs as something else. Sad.

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