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Everyday Vegan Eats Cookbook Review - Tater Tot Casserole


As I've shared on here before, I have a love for vegan cookbooks! My shelf is full and I love to try differnt recipes from them. I was excited when I recently received a copy of "Everyday Vegan Eats" by Zsu Dever in the mail. Another vegan cookbook for my collection, yay!

I sat down to look through this book, which has many nice photos of vegan food, and I saw a lot of recipes I want to try. Such delicious sounding recipes as bacon tofu, simple seitan cutlets, cream of mushroom soup, no-fish filet sandwiches, California club sandwiches, Irish corned cabbage, meatless pies in buttermilk herb biscuits, vegan meatloaf with herbed gravy, and so many others. The list literally goes on and on of all the recipes that I looked at and said "I want to try that!"

The first recipe I tried from this vegan cookbook is the tater tot casserole. Right away I was intrigued when I read this recipe. The picture looked good and how can anything with tater tots not be great, right? So I made the tater tot casserole! I must note that I made a slight change to the recipe as it is written. It calls for using soy curls (a dehydrated soy product that you re-hydrate and cook with). But I already use a similar product and keep them on hand all the time. I looked up the soy curls and they seem like the same thing as the ones I use, which are Elianni veggie cutlets (re-hydrated and chopped up). I also didn't have arrowroot starch on  hand, so I used corn starch.

This tater tot casserole recipe is really easy to make and it was delicious! Everyone loved it, including the kids. It was a great comfort food kind of meal that we all enjoyed. The gravy tastes great, too! Two thumbs up for the first recipe I tried from "Everyday Vegan Eats." I can't wait to try the others!

Here's my before going into the oven and coming out of the oven pictures:




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