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I love watching the Jazzy Vegetarian show. I set my television to record it and then I watch it when I get a chance. Great vegan cooking show! 

This past weekend I watched one that was called "BBQ Bash." I was instantly intrigued by the vegan shish kebabs she made. Hers were with seitan, but she suggested that if you wanted to go gluten free to make them with tofu. Done! I knew I was going to make that within days. 

So this week I followed her recipe and made them with tofu. My kebabs contained cherry tomatoes, zucchini, onion, mushrooms, green pepper, and tofu. I used Annie's organic BBQ sauce that I had on hand as the marinade. I bought some bamboo skewers at the grocery store (she recommends soaking them in water prior to use, which I did). 

These turned out great! Loved them! I served them up with some quinoa and some pineapple chunks. Everyone loved dinner... even the kids gobbled it up. Two thumbs way up! I will be making these again!

You can find the Jazzy Vegetarian recipe for the shish kebabs here. Here are my pictures (before going in the oven and then on the plate ready to be eaten):

Restaurant 071

Restaurant 072



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