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Beyond Meat - Vegan Chicken-Free Salad Recipe and Review

Full disclosure - I first bought some of the Beyond Meat vegan chicken-free strips about two months ago. I heated them up and used them in a pasta recipe. I wasn't impressed. I just didn't care for them. I don't know if it was the flavor I tried or the way I prepared them, but I hadn't planned on trying more.

Fast forward to this week and a friend gave me a coupon for a free pack of them. I figured I would try them again, a different flavor, since they were free. This time I got the chicken-free grilled variety. I decided to not heat them, instead turning them into a vegan chicken-free salad to use on sandwiches.

I put the whole package into the food processor, added in some onion, red pepper, and celery, and hit the chop key. Then I added in a little mustard, a teaspoon of relish, and some mayo. Mixed it all together and gave it a try. Yum! Fast and tasty!

We had sandwiches on a picnic with this and they were great. Everyone liked them. Now that I know this is so good I will be buying these again, even if this is the only way that I use them. They make a great vegan chicken-free salad!

You can learn more about the Beyond Meat products here.

Here's some pictures from what I made:


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May 20014 052




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Kathryn K

Never heard of this brand before, will have to check it out! Thx!

Beyond Meat

Thanks for giving us another try Jacqueline! Our fans use our products in a wide variety of ways so we're glad to hear you found a way that works best for you.

Looking forward to following along with more of your tasty adventures in 2014!


My pleasure! It does have me interested in trying them other ways now, too. :)

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