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Vegan S'mores / Vegetarian S'mores for camping and more!

We are a family that likes to camp. We also love s'mores. Problem is, marshmallows are not vegetarian. They almost always contain gelatin, which is not vegetarian. Some health food stores contain varieties that have fish ingredients. But you can find some vegan marshmallows, making it possible to make vegetarian / vegan s'mores!

All you need is some vegetarian / vegan marshmallows and you are set. You can make them completely vegan by having vegan graham crackers and vegan chocolate. This is what we do and they are absolutely delicious! 

We went camping twice in the last two weeks and made s'mores both times. We use Dandie's marshmallows, the vegan graham crackers, and Enjoy Life chocolate chips. Yum!

Here's what we use when we go camping so that we can have some vegetarian and vegan s'mores:

Camping_trip 110



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