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Loving Hut Review - Vegan food - Naples Location

I have had some Loving Hut food while at the Central Florida Vegetarian Festival. But I've never went into one of their restaurants to dine. Until this week. While on vacation I was looking for where we would get lunch that day. We were in Naples and I saw that there was a Loving Hut there. So we decided to check it out!

There were four of us, but I wanted to try a few dishes, so we ended up ordering too much food for all of us. My kids shared the vegetable and tofu stir fry. They liked that. My husband and I both got the sweet and sour tofu (his spicy, mine not). We both thought it was good. Turns out we could have ordered one plate and shared it, as it was too much food with each of us ordering our own plate. In addition to that we got an order of the spring rolls and the drumsticks. Both of these appetizers we all shared and they were really good!

My husband and kids finished it off by sharing a piece of the cheesecake. They really liked that as well. All in all it was a good meal. We all liked the food. We would go back to Loving Hut again.

Loving Hut is a chain that has 135 restaurants at the time of this blog post. Check their site for where locations are!

Here are some pictures from our recent visit to the Loving Hut in Naples, Florida:

Sanibel_2014 176

Sanibel_2014 180

Sanibel_2014 179

Sanibel_2014 181

Sanibel_2014 182

Sanibel_2014 183

Sanibel_2014 184

Sanibel_2014 186



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