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Kale Cafe Juice Bar and Vegan Bistro in Daytona Beach

Finally! The county has its first all vegan restaurant. It just recently opened and it is so exciting. The food is wonderful. Kale Cafe Juice Bar and Vegan Bistro is located at 116 Beach Street in Daytona Beach. It's a great location in a neat area of town.

The restaurant features brightly painted walls (my favorite color, orange), it's nice, and the food is delicious. They offer daily specials, smoothies, and more. The owners, MidtowEcoVillage, are great as well! If you are in the area you have to stop by and check it out. 

I recently stopped in for lunch and below is the plate of food I had (although I have had others and everything is good!). This one was baked jerk tofu, kale salad, chickpeas, rice, and mushrooms/onions. All of it is good... and their kale salad is amazing!


Kale_cafe 078

Kale_cafe 067

Kale_cafe 075


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