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Gardein products rock, even the kids say so!

If you have ever wanted a quick and tasty vegan product to add to your dinner you only need go as far as a gardein product. I have tried probably every product they make and I have yet to taste one that I didn't like. In fact, most of them are just great! I also provide samples to people who attend vegetarian events through my veg group and overwhelmingly people love them.

Recently we had the chick'n sliders, the crispy tenders, the beefless tips, and the savory stuffed turk'y. They were all very good! And the gardein beefless burgers are hands down the favorite for each of my kids. My daughter routinely asks for the mandarin orange crispy chick'n - she loves it! We had the savory stuffed turk'y as part of our own Christmas dinner. Then the next day we went to my sister's house for Christmas dinner and she made us a beefless tips stir fry! Yum!

Great products that are carried by most grocery stores now. Not only do vegetarians love them, but so do non-vegetarians. My mother is not a vegetarian and she has replaced several meat-based meals per week with gardein products. In doing so, her and my father-in-law have gotten healthier and have lost weight.

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Kathryn K

Love Gardein . Their products remind me of my favorite restaurant in Winter Park, the Garden Café.

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