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My daughter's 9th birthday party - all vegan

My daughter recently had her birthday party. All of the food at the party was vegan. We had an outdoor party at our house, which included a bounce house, basketball inflatable game, and an animal learning segment. The animal learning segment was done by Wildlife Tree, a group that takes in rescued animals and does educational events to each kids about animals. What a great party!

Here is the food that was at the vegan birthday party, just in case you are looking for ideas:

  • vegan pizza bites
  • gardein chick strips with ketchup for dipping
  • stuffed celery with peanut butter and topped with raisins
  • a vegetable tray with hummus
  • chips and salsa
  • veggie chips
  • watermelon slices
  • homemade chocolate banana muffins
  • roasted chickpeas
  • vegan birthday cake
  • vegan soy ice cream
  • grapes
  • water, iced tea, organic lemonade

I also made sure the party was environmentally friendly, opting to use eco friendly plates, napkins, and cups, along with regular metal silverware. Great party! Here are some pictures:

Kayla's party 100

Kayla's party 102

Kayla's party 103

Kayla's party 134

Kayla's party 135

Kayla's party 195



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Awesome spread!
Lucky girl. :)
I wish you were local to us, I might have had to invite myself and bring our 8 year old son. lol

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