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Grass fed steak? I think not!

I got the above email this morning from's deal page. They were offering me "grass fed steak." I had to laugh out loud, because as an educated person I realize that, well, steak doesn't eat. Or am I missing something here? 

Look around you and you will see many people using such terms as grass fed steak. But keep in mind that steak does not eat. It can't. That would be a sight to see for sure, but it just can't happen. Cows eat. Cows eat grass, not steak. It would be nice if people would be a little more honest with their wording. But then again, they are purposely stating it like this so that it avoids the connection between the cow and the steak.

It's grass fed cows, grass fed chickens, etc. It's not ever grass fed steak or any other variation of meat doing the eating. Just one more way that people are not connected to their source of "food."


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