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3rd Annual Vegan BBQ In the Park to Celebrate Vegetarian Awareness Month

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Today, with the Daytona Beach Vegetarian Society, we held our "3rd Annual Vegan BBQ in the Park" to celebrate Vegetarian Awareness Month. We had a great turnout once again and it was a lot of fun! The purpose of this yearly event is to raise vegetarian awareness in the community and get people to see and taste such a wonderful array of vegan food options. 

We provide all the veggie burgers, veggie dogs, condiments, plates, drinks, cups, forks, etc. We have people who attend bring something vegan to share. They can make a dish, buy one pre-made, bring fresh fruit, whatever. We end up with a lot of food for everyone to eat! We also provide a whole table of various literature to educate people on all the benefits of plant based eating. There are recipe booklets, vegetarian starter kits, lots of different types of vegan brochures. We also have coupons for products like Gardein burgers and Sunshine Burgers. We even have brochures for the kids!

A special thanks to all of our wonderful sponsors! We received support from VegFund, Sunshine Burger, gardein, Delectable Delights, Vegan Heritage Press, Cinematique, Michael's Health Foods, Love Whole Foods, Ethos Vegan Kitchen, Tofutti, and Ancient Olive. They all helped make this event a success by helping to pay for things we needed, providing food for the event, and providing us with prizes to be given away to those who attended.

What a great event! We look forward to doing it again next year. Please log onto our Facebook page here to see all the pictures from this great event.


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Daved Wachsman

I want to thank Jacqui for hosting yet another wonderful vegfest event.

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