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Last night I was making super easy enchiladas. My kids really wanted them, even though I'm not a huge fan. But they are, so I whipped them up. When they were almost done I decided I needed something else in addition to fruit to serve with it. I needed some rice! 

I opened the cupboard and low and behold there were some sample products I had received weeks ago in the mail from Tasty Bite. I know it's Thai rice and the enchiladas are Mexican, but I went for it! It wasn't likely that my family would know the difference. In 90 seconds flat I had rice out of the bag and onto the plates, served alongside the enchiladas and sliced strawberrries. 

The Thai Lime Rice was good. If you are a big lime lover like my husband you would think it's great (he did). The kids even liked it. You can really taste the lime in that rice!

Tasty Bite has a lot of products. I've tried several others before and I haven't come across one that I didn't like. And how cool is it that you can get a tasty rice dish on the table in under two minutes? It was so last minute that I wanted to add it to the plate and yet it was so convenient that it all came together just right!

You can read more about the Thai Lime Rice here, or check out all their other products here.


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