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About six months ago someone mentioned a restaurant named "Cafe Verde" to me that is located in New Smyrna Beach. I can't believe I let six months go by without trying this place out. We went there today and I'm so excited about this place!

Cafe Verde is located in New Smyrna Beach in a trendy area on Flagler Ave. They have a small restaurant that they have decorated nicely and even have some outdoor seating. As soon as I walked into the restaurant I liked it. The atmosphere was great, everything was clean, and the service was good. 

One look at the menu and I was excited again. There were so many vegetarian and vegan options on it. Yay! Considering we don't have any all vegetarian restaurants in the whole county I get really happy to see a restaurant offering so many wonderful sounding vegetarian options. They had numerous salads on the men, and I'm not talking your standard run of the mill iceberg lettuce salads. These were kale and quinoa salads! They have appetizers, bowls, gyros, vegan tacos, pasta, lentil soup, etc. Yum, yum, and more yum!

My husband ordered the vegetarian gyros, which he realized had some type of cheese on it once he got it. But I'm sure you could leave that off and there's a good chance it would be vegan (you'd have to confirm the pita is vegan). He thought it was great! I ordered the vegan tacos. You get three small corn tortilla vegan tacos that have tofu. They were great!  My daughter happend to be with us and she wanted a quesadilla. They made her a cheddar quesadilla, which she liked. We also ordered the chips and salsa (you get three salsas to try...yum!). Oh, and the fresh brewed iced tea was good as well, which is a big deal with me. 

Two thumbs way up for Cafe Verde. We can't wait to go back! I have a feeling this place is going to become a regular stop for us. There are so many things on the menu that I want to try! Nice atmosphere, good food, great vegetarian and vegan options, good service, and the prices were not bad. What's not to love?! We will be back!

You can find Cafe Verde on Facebook here. Here are some pictures from our lunch at Cafe Verde today:

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August 2013 049

August 2013 053

August 2013 051

August 2013 052

August 2013 033

August 2013 038

August 2013 039

August 2013 040

August 2013 041

August 2013 043

August 2013 044


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