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I have taken to having a couple of tubes of the Immaculate Crescent Rolls in my fridge. They do not contain hydrogenated oils and they taste great. They do contain "palm fruit oil," which is a whole other issue (I'm hoping it is from a sustainable source). Anyway, the other day I made vegan crescent roll breakfast sandwiches with them. Here it is if you want to also try it:

Vegan Crescent Roll Breakfast Sandwich Recipe

1 tube of of Immaculate Crescent Rolls
1 package of Yve's Canadian Bacon
Daiya vegan cheddar cheese (amount to your liking)

To make these vegan crescent roll breakfast sandwiches, separate and lay out the cresent rolls on a baking sheet. Add one piece of the Canadian bacon, then top it with a teaspoon or so of the Daiya cheese. Roll it up, and then back them according to the package instructions. Delicious! The kids even loved them.

Here are the pictures:

Animal_tracks 072

Animal_tracks 073


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