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Last weekend we were on a weekend stay over in Orlando. One night for dinner we decided to hit up the hot buffet at the local Wholds Foods Market. They have so many great options! While my plate had mashed sweet potatoes, beets, and salad, it also had one thing new that I tried and loved!

Whole Foods Market had a pan of gardein meatball cacciatore. It looked great and both my husband and I took some to try. Delicious! We both loved it. While I don't see a recipe for it online, you could just take a recipe for cacciatore and make it vegan by usying the gardein meatballs. Cacciatore is typically made up of a sauce that contains tomatoes, onions, bell pepper, and herbs.

What a great dish! I do plan to try and make this at home myself. You can find more info about the gardein meatless meatballs here.

I also tried a piece of thier BBQ seitan that was on the buffet. It was great as well (although I didn't get a picture of it. I only thought to take a picture of the gardein cacciatore, sorry).

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