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Denny's Vegan Veggie Burger Review

It has been almost three years since I ate at Denny's. I did my last review on their veggie burger here. Unfortunately not a lot has changed since then.

We were on an overnight trip to Cape Canveral when we stopped into Denny's because it was a Sunday night and our options were limited. I had already done my research and found a restaurant that sounded good and served vegetarian and vegan options. Turns out they weren't open on Sunday's. Grrr! So after nearly three years we decided to give the veggie burger at Denny's a shot.

Last I heard, Denny's serves the Amy's Kitchen veggie burger, which is vegan. You can pick your burger, pick your bun, and pick your toppings, from a list of options. I opted for my typical lettuce, tomatoe, and onion, and then added ketchup and mustard. My husband got all that, as well as jalepenos and pico de gallo. 

My feelings about Denny's stand. The place has a dirty feel. This restaurant was dirty. There was food all around the floor, the counters in the kitchen area were a mess, and the whole restaurant just gives me a dirty, grungy feeling. This has been typical of every Denny's I think I've ever been in, unfortunately. This particular night, around 7 p.m., it was super slow. It took us 45 minutes to get our food served to us once we placed the order. They seemed to be having this trouble all over the restaurant. When our waiter finally delivered the food I remarked that they seemed short staffed. He said no, that they were always like that. 

The veggie burger was "okay." Nothing special, just an average veggie burger. Not the best restaurant veggie burger I've had (of chains that would be Johnny Rockets and Red Robin), and not the worse I've had had (of chains that would be Burger King). I'm glad they offer it so that people have the option of having it. Honestly my view of the Denny's veggie burger would probably increase some if the atmosphere were better. It needs to be cleaner and with faster service. You shouldn't have to wait 45 minutes for the food to be served once you place the order.

As in my last review, I would not set out to get a veggie burger from Denny's. This is only a place I would go to if I'm traveling and my options are really limited.

Here is the picture of the Denny's veggie burger I had:

Cape Canaveral 145


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