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Each year since having this blog I have been writing about my child's birthday parties. It's not to bore you all, but it's to give you birthday party ideas. I know that when I'm putting together the idea for their parties I do a lot of searching around online. Perhaps you will get some ideas from me that you can use for your own vegan birthday party.

This year he once again wanted the bounce house/water slide type of party. For the food, we had an array of vegan food on the table, including:

Vegan birthday cake (he wanted a hockey cake and it turned out great)
celery with peanut butter and raisins (I refuse to call it that other name and haven't come up with another)
roasted chickpeas
fresh sliced watermelon
veggie tray with cucumber slices, carrots, celery and hummus
cocoa banana mini muffins
chips and pita chips
vegan pizza bites

For the drinks we had water, fresh brewed iced tea, organize lemonade, and 100 percent juice boxes. We also had 8 small cans of Coke (the birthday boy's request and I decided to let him have it). 

We had a great time and by the end nearly all the food was gone. Here are some pictures from this vegan birthday party:

Tristan's 7th party 005

Tristan's 7th party 006

Tristan's 7th party 011


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