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Ethos Vegan Kitchen in Orlando, Florida on Mother's Day

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Yesterday was Mother's Day and as such I got to decide where we would go out to lunch, as well as what we would do with our day. I spent it doing three of my favorite things - taking a hike/nature walk (at Gemini Springs in DeBary), going to lunch at Ethos Vegan Kitchen, and hitting the thrift store to shop.

I was really surprised when I arrived at Ethos Vegan Kitchen, located in Orlando, for lunch and there were so many people there! The place was packed. The hostess said it would be an hour wait. Gulp. I was starving! But I wasn't about to choose anywhere else to go. So we went down the road to Whole Foods Market so I could pick up some dry staples that we needed. An hour later we walked in and were immediately seated.

I was thrilled to look around and see the restaurant so busy. Families dining there together in every direction of the restaurant. I was so happy that so many families had chosen to dine vegan style for their Mother's Day meal out. It was great!

I had the chickun marsala (my favorite), my husband had the coconut curry wrap (his favorite), and the kids shared mac and cheese and peas, along with some fruit. My daughter convinced us to get dessert, since it was a special day. So we topped it off by sharing two vegan sundaes. It was a great day and well worth the wait!

Here are pictures from what we ate on Mother's Day at Ethos Vegan Kitchen:






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