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Worthington Loma Linda Big Franks - Veggie dogs review

On a recent vegan camping trip with friends our friends brought along a can of Worthington Loma Linda Big Franks. They are veggie dogs that are sold in a can. I had tasted them before at a vegan hot dog cart, but have never had them otherwise. That night they were used to make vegan corn dogs (on a campfire, which were great). The next day on our way home I also stopped to pick up a can to take home.

We had them at home just by putting them on buns. The Worthington Loma Linda Big Franks veggie dogs are really good! I like the consistency and taste. Everyone liked them. Two thumbs up for the Worthington Loma Linda Big Franks!

Here are a couple of pictures of them being used for the vegan corn dogs while camping, on a bun the next day, and the can so you can see what they look like:

Spring break 2013 509

Spring break 2013 508

Spring break 2013 437

Spring break 2013 441

Spring break 2013 445
 (pictured above: gardein skewers, and the vegan corn dogs before being cut into individual pieces - both were wonderful)


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Wow, I haven't tried, nor even seen, these yet! Very interesting. The only "franks" in a can I know of are Vienna Sausages..shudder...I'm sure these don't taste anything like those nasty things. I've yet to find a veggie dog my family likes, perhaps I'll give these a shot. :)


There are others that we like as well, but these were good, too!

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