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While on a recent trip to Michigan my niece stopped by to visit me. She asked if I wanted to go get a crepe with her. Then she said "they have vegan crepes." Cool! I jumped at the chance to go. It's not every day that you come across that has vegan crepes. I had to check it out.

She took me to a place called What Crepe, located Royal Oak, Michigan. They do have two other locations in Michigan, including one in Birmingham and one in Ann Arbor. We arrived at the place, which was small but nice. I ordered an iced team and a vegan crepe. The vegan crepe that I ordered had tofu, spinach, vegan cheese, onions, tomatoes, and avocado. The crepe is served with just a wedge of orange, but it was filling.

This one vegan crepe at What Crepe costed me $20 total (included my drink and tip). That to me was really expensive for one person's lunch. My niece orderd a build-your-own crepe and hers was much more expensive than mine was. However, I must say that the crepe was absolutely delicious. I loved it! I am glad that I don't actually live near this place, because I could not afford to go there very often. With me being in Florida and What Crepe being in Michigan I only have a chance to go once a year or so, and in that case I don't mind spending so much on one lunch.

So overall, great service, wonderful food, loved that they had vegan crepes, the place is nice, but it's a little pricey. Worth treating yourself every once in a while though!

Here are some pictures from my vegan crepe at What Crepe in Royal Oak, Michigan:

Michigan_trip 196

Michigan_trip 197

Michigan_trip 198


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