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Subway Iced Tea Has B Vitamins - Vitamin B12

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As a vegetarian or vegan you know that getting vitamin B12 into your diet is important. Some people take a supplement, while others find foods that have it added to it for that extra boost. Low and behold on my recent stop into Subway I noticed something about their iced tea. It has vitamin B12 in it!

I love fresh brewed iced tea (unsweet). I drink it every day. I have my favorites that I won't mention, but I do like Subway and will sometimes get an iced tea when I get their veggie delight sub. But I thought it was really neat recently to see on the iced tea container that it said it contains B vitamins, including B12. Who would have thought you could get a does of vitamin B12 in a Subway iced tea? That's great!

Subway does have a couple of vegetarian options, by the way. They offer the Subway veggie patty and the veggie delight. Not all of their locations offer the veggie patty, which is a darn shame, because I know many people that purchase it. They even tried to get rid of it at my local Subway, but the manager fought to keep it because she has many regular customers who purchase it (they tried to get her to replace it with a seafood salad...yuck!). The veggie delight can be eaten on its own, or you can do like we do... we buy it, take it home (or to our hotel room) and add vegan mayo and Tofurky! Yum!


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John J

Great spot. I wish Subway would make their patty vegan.


I totally agree! :)


I used to love Subway's veggie subs & salads, dined their frequently. However, since the Michael Vick "scandal" I have boycotted them, refuse to give them another dime. :-(


Not me... I like Subway. I can't boycott every place that supports, endorses, or is in partnership with people who have harmed animals. That would account for just about every store and restaurant around. I would be left to only go to vegan restaurants and stores, and we don't have any in the entire county! I don't place harming dogs any higher than harming cows, pigs, horses, chickens, etc. If you eat at places that serve meat there really isn't much of a difference there...


I understand your point about Subway and I can only do my best. The chefs that serve the meat weren't likely killing the animals for sport and then making money off them. They aren't idolized and paid millions of dollars to entertain us. A fine line, but one I choose to draw.


Indeed a fine line... Big names make big targets. :)

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