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We go to Sanibel Island every spring because we love the area. Each year I try to find new places to stop at for vegetarian food. This year I discovered the Sanibel Bean restaurant. It is a small cafe right on the main road on Sanibel Island. 

Sanibel Bean is a nice little place that has both indoor and outdoor seating. It is clean, eco friendly, and is vegetarian friendly. I love that they have several vegetarian options to choose from, as well as that they use environmentally friendly cups, and have a recycling center in the restaurant (so our paper plates went into the recycling bin after we were done). Plus, their food was good!

My husband and I both order two different vegetarian dishes so we can split it and get to try two different things. I ordered the artichoke panini (loaded with pine nuts!) and he ordered the vegearian wrap. Both come with cheese, but you can just ask that it be left off. The menu didn't give much indication that the dish it came with anything else, but it did. When the food arrived the plates were full! Both items came with a side of chips and fruit. We switched half and half and tried them both. They were both really good! I especially loved the artichoke panini.

I also ordered fresh brewed iced tea (unsweet). They had good tea as well, although they make you pay $1 for a refill, which was a bit of a bummer but I coughed it up anyway. Hey, we were on vacation...

The kids had the grilled cheese sandwich, which also came with chips and fruit. 

The meals are on the generous side, so if you are not a big eater you can actually get away with sharing it (especially if you have young children... they can probably get away with sharing a meal). I was surprised at how much food we each got served.

Overall, two thumbs up for eating vegetarian at the Sanibel Bean. I'm glad they had some good vegetarian items to choose from and look forward to stopping back in next year!

You can find the Sanibel Bean site here, and download their full menu here. 

Here are some pictures from our vegetarian dining at the Sanibel Bean on Sanibel Island:

Spring break 2013 233

Spring break 2013 234

Spring break 2013 236

Spring break 2013 239

Spring break 2013 240

Spring break 2013 241

Spring break 2013 242



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