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PETA Buys Shares of SeaWorld


PETA has done it again... they have put their money (money that people send in to protect animals) behind a company that harms them. In the past PETA has bought shares to restaurants and meat companies (I have blogged about it before). Now they have bought shares of SeaWorld.

They claim that they do it so they can attend board meetings and give their opinions. It's a complete waste of money that could be used to actually help animals. SeaWorld will pay no regard to their suggestions. Furthermore, PETA now stands to EARN money from those shares. So they will be earning money from animal cruelty. Why not invest the money in companies that create vegan products and support animals?

Woudln't that money be better spent educating the public on the cruelty of SeaWorld? Looks to me like PETA has a "can't beat them, join them" attitude. Bottom line is that PETA is part owner of many of the companies that we loath because they are filled with animal cruelty. 

You can read the news article on this here.


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