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Recently while on vacation we stopped in the grocery store to see if could get something for breakfast. We don't like to eat at hotel breakfast buffets because the food is not usually very good. Low and behold I spotted the Amy's Tofu Scramble. We snatched up two of them and headed back to the hotel.

The next morning I popped the frozen Amy's tofu scramble into the hotel room microwave and waited for them to be done. The Amy's tofu scramble comes frozen and contains a nice breakfast of tofu scramble, hash browns, and veggies. It's a vegan frozen breakfast option (or any meal option really).

How do I put this... I loved the Amy's tofu scramble! Honestly it is one of the best tofu scrambles I have ever had (and I have tried many). The texture (probably because the tofu had been frozen) was excellent! I loved the texture, and the taste of the whole breakfast was great. Two thumbs way up for the Amy's tofu scramble. 

Later that evening we stopped back into the store to get more for the next morning. The shelf was empty! Someone else had discovered Amy's tofu scramble as well (the store is next to a hotel and a lot of people stop in to buy things). I was so bummed out. Even the Amy's breakfast burrito was out. So I ended up eating a regular Amy's burrito for breakfast the next day. It was still good and tasty, but I sure wish I could have had another tofu scramble! 

The Amy's tofu scramble is 98 percent organic, only has 4 grams of sugar, and contains a whopping 30 percent daily supply of iron. Awesome!

You can find out more about Amy's tofu scramble here.


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I completely agree! I could eat this Tofu Scramble every day, but since it's a bit high in fat & calories, I limit myself to a couple times a week.


I've only had it once. I wouldn't mind having it more often, but that would be expensive. I am not the type to worry much about the fat and calories though...

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